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Welcome to Permeable Pavers, a distinguished venture under the esteemed banner of Smart Scapes LLC. With an impressive legacy spanning over two decades, Smart Scapes LLC has been an unwavering symbol of excellence in the realm of outdoor design and construction. As an extension of our parent company, Permeable Pavers specializes in the mechanical installation of permeable pavers, concrete pavers, and artificial turf tailored exclusively for commercial contractors. 

A Proven History of Excellence 

With more than 20 years of experience, Smart Scapes LLC has consistently set the industry standard for superior craftsmanship, unwavering attention to detail, and an unyielding dedication to client satisfaction. This proud heritage serves as the cornerstone upon which Permeable Pavers continues to build its reputation for excellence and innovation. 

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Permeable Pavers: Pioneering Sustainability 

At Permeable Pavers, we are deeply committed to championing sustainable hardscaping solutions that redefine outdoor design. Our specialty, permeable pavers, represents a pioneering approach to sustainability. By allowing water to naturally infiltrate the ground, these pavers mitigate stormwater runoff, prevent flooding, and facilitate groundwater recharge. This commitment to eco-friendly innovation is at the heart of what we do, and we are eager to share its benefits with our commercial contractor partners. 

A Comprehensive Suite of Hardscaping Services 

Our dedication to excellence extends across a comprehensive range of services meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of commercial contractors. Whether you envision a robust and functional parking lot, a visually appealing patio, or a low-maintenance landscaped area, Permeable Pavers offers unparalleled expertise in mechanical installations. Our solutions effortlessly fuse practicality, aesthetics, and longevity, ensuring that your projects stand as enduring testaments to quality. 

A Symphony of Quality Craftsmanship 

Quality craftsmanship is the anthem of our work. From the selection of premium materials to the precise mechanical installation process, we rigorously uphold the highest industry standards. Our team of seasoned professionals possesses an unyielding passion for their craft, ensuring that every project is executed to perfection. 

Your Trusted Partner in Commercial Transformation 

At Permeable Pavers, we acknowledge that the outdoor spaces you envision for your clients are vital extensions of their businesses. We pledge to be your steadfast partner in bringing those visions to life. From ideation to completion, our collaboration with commercial contractors is marked by unwavering support, expert guidance, and a shared commitment to excellence. 

Permeable Pavers: Pioneering Permeable Solutions

Permeable Pavers: Pioneering Permeable Solutions 

At Permeable Pavers, collaboration with project engineers and contractors lies at the heart of our commitment to delivering expertly designed and installed permeable systems for commercial parking areas and roadways. Our dedication to innovation and sustainability drives our leadership in the realm of permeable interlocking concrete pavers. 

Leading the Way in Permeable Solutions 

Permeable Pavers stands as a trailblazer in the realm of permeable interlocking concrete pavers. Our solutions offer a cost-effective means of managing stormwater, a pathway to LEED points, and adherence to the rigorous stormwater performance criteria set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. With a keen emphasis on professional design and installation, Permeable Pavers ensures that every project meets the highest standards. 

Mechanical Expertise for Effortless Installation 

The installation process for permeable pavers can be intricate, but Permeable Pavers simplifies it through our mechanical installation expertise. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces labor demands during installation. Our proficiency in the mechanical aspects of permeable pavers streamlines the implementation process, ensuring efficiency and quality in every project. 

Permeable Pavers Contractors
Permeable Pavers Contractors

Our Permeable Paver Brands

Paving the Path to Savings 

Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers offer a route to significant maintenance cost savings. When compared to asphalt parking areas and roadways, the upkeep of permeable pavers is remarkably economical. As time goes on, maintenance becomes a necessity, and Permeable Pavers stands ready to provide professional maintenance services that uphold the long lifespan of permeable pavers, safeguarding your investment. 

Empowering Your Vision, Large or Small 

No matter the scale of your commercial endeavor, the potential of utilizing permeable interlocking concrete pavers is vast. Permeable Pavers opens the door to these possibilities, where sustainability meets practicality. Our commitment to extraordinary, professional service ensures that each client receives a product built to endure the test of time, leaving a legacy that spans years to come. 

Join us on the journey to create innovative, sustainable, and enduring landscapes through permeable solutions. At Permeable Pavers, we believe in not only transforming spaces but also in leaving a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve. Contact us today to embark on a path toward a more sustainable future. 

We offer a variety of high-quality and beautifully designed paver brands. Our pavers are vibrant, detailed, and durable. Some of the permeable paver brands that we install have superior strength and are stronger than concrete. They are also known as permeable pavement, where interlocking pavers are mechanically installed. These pavers are permeable. What we mean by permeable is that water passes through the permeable pavers enabling water to flow through, which aids in drainage and water flow. Permeable Pavers are an economical and eco-friendly option for your exterior design and draining needs. Permeable Pavement is a true enhancement for any commercial project from new construction to replacement.



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Permeable Pavers

Pine Hall Pavers

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Hanover Pavers

Hanover Pavers

smooth and quick permeable paver installation.

Permeable Pavers Project | Mansker Park
From malls to resorts, our experienced crews have successfully created numerous parking lots across various commercial areas. Regardless of size, we ensure the construction of durable, attractive, and industry-standard parking spaces. 
Permeable Pavers Project | Hamilton Hotel
Elevate the charm of your commercial space with creatively designed and patterned sidewalks. Our installations in shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels create alluring focal points. 
Make a striking first impression with a driveway crafted from top-quality interlocking pavers. Our design and build team collaborates with you to create a tailored design plan. Using premium concrete interlocking pavers and a meticulous installation process, we deliver a world-class driveway that you and your guests will admire. 

Roadway pavers are specialized machines designed for the construction and maintenance of roads, highways, and other paved surfaces. They offer numerous advantages over traditional methods of road construction, such as manual labor or the use of older equipment.

Over 23 Years of Expertise in Mechanical Paver Installation Serving Nashville and Surrounding Areas

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The Permeable Pavers team was excited to have the opportunity to provide a durable, eco-friendly driving surface for Beaman Toyota

Mansker Creek Park


The Permeable Pavers team was excited to have the opportunity to provide a durable, eco-friendly driving surface for Mansker Creek Park.

Platinum Storage permeable pavers


Stormwater is a big problem in Nashville, and we knew that having the right driving surface was vital during a recent project that was completed for Platinum Storage.

Permeable Pavers Grand Hyatt


When the Permeable Pavers team was contacted about installing a walkway outside the Grand Hyatt building downtown, we knew right away that we could make the entrance to this hotel look stunning.


With an eye for clean aesthetics and the need for an eco-friendly driving surface, the Permeable Pavers team was able to work with East Nashville’s Shell Station to design a parking lot that would stand the test of time.

Permeable Pavers Parking Lot


Designing a permeable paver parking lot solution.

Town Home Project


A beautiful, custom permeable concrete paver project here in Nashville.

Fire Station 10 | Permeable Pavers


Our team is always excited to take on a new project and to get our mission of using eco-friendly paving solutions out there.

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Permeable Pavers Contractors

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Permeable Pavers Contractors

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Our equipment is impressive – we can lay 16 square feet in 1 minute!

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