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To understand permeable pavement maintenance, one must have a basic idea of how permeable pavers work. The concept is quite simple.

Permeable pavers are a sustainable substitute for asphalt that will satisfy all of your landscaping needs. You might be surprised at the various places they can be installed around your home.

TYPES OF PAVING SYSTEMS When deciding which type of paving system to use on a driveway, parking lot, commercial property, or any kind of paved surface for that matter, it is important to understand the differences in new paving technology. For years, contractors and homeowners alike had few choices. Impermeable concrete and asphalt was the

As homeowners and corporate neighbors pay attention to words and phrases such as “sustainability” and “environmentally responsible” in their landscaping designs, the conversation turns to permeable pavers.

Permeable pavers mimic many of the best properties of hardscaping materials while still allowing moisture to soak naturally into the ground. Here are a few of the reasons permeable pavers are a great bet for beautiful landscaping.

Permeable pavers are an option that allows you to create a finished look and feel to your space, while still allowing water to seep back into the ground instead of creating puddles on your asphalt or compacted gravel.

Permeable pavers require very little maintenance, and they don’t require maintenance very often. Most systems will only require your attention once every five years or so.

The technology of permeable pavers is not new. Now permeable pavers is an old eco-friendly paving system that the U.S. is now implementing in major cities.

Permeable pavers is the new solution to melting pesky snow and ice buildups before they have a chance to cause any real damage.

Paver technology continues to improve, each year bringing more to the table than it did last year. However, one factor which has prevented many property owners from taking advantage of driveway pavers has been their cost.