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EnduraColor Facemix combines coarse aggregates with an integral layer of concentrated color and finer aggregates on top, producing structurally solid concrete with vibrant color and wear-resistant surface.

There are more options than just concrete or asphalt for paving parking lots, driveways, hardscapes at home or the office. Permeable pavers are a modern solution that provides an environmentally sound and attractive option for any paving needs.

People recognize the need for durable, environmentally friendly paving materials. Choosing a permeable paver like Blu 80 Polished means you balance durability, style and sustainability.

The possibilities for hydra pavers extend from simple domestic projects like gardens, driveways and patios to heavy traffic, commercial areas. The long-term strength and endurance of the material complements its eco-friendly elements, and it allows you to achieve a level of sustainability while staying cost-effective.

Nashville hardscape contractors are many in number, but they do not all offer the same services or even the same quality or competence in their service. Most hardscaping contractors will know how to install pavers, but there’s a big difference between simply installing pavers and creating a stunning, jaw-dropping, make-your-neighbors-jealous outdoor space. How do you know which contractor to hire? How can you determine the best hardscaping contractor in Nashville?