Too many pavers on the market today look great when first applied, but very quickly wind-up fading and looking worn. Classic thru-mix pavers use a combination of small and large aggregates throughout, but concrete inevitably wears at the surface and loses its color, exposing those large aggregates and losing the “new” finish feel.

EnduraColor Facemix from Permeable Pavers uses a proprietary manufacturing process that combines coarse aggregates with an integral layer of concentrated color and finer aggregates on top, producing structurally solid concrete with vibrant color and wear-resistant surface. Facemix always makes sure that your pavement looks as new as the day it was paved!

What REALLY Makes EnduraColor Facemix Different?

While many other pavers use an equal amount of small and large aggregates, cement and pigment to form their surface layer, EnduraColor Facemix concentrates a higher amount of smaller aggregates and hardwearing minerals to ensure greater color retention and solid surface texture to keep a “good as new” finish for longer than other leading pavers.

This inventive surface layer prevents greater exposure of larger aggregates due to environmental and/or mechanical wear and makes EnduraColor Facemix a versatile solution for a wide spread of projects, and Permeable Pavers the perfect partner to bring that project to life.

How Does EnduraColor Facemix Look?

With the surface layer protection extending to 10-12% of the total depth of the paving, the added color protections allows for a variety of exclusive paver finishes, including Smooth, Flagstone, Brushed, Exposed Granite, Mottled and Matte. With such a diverse assortment of finishes, the sky’s the limit for any designer’s inspiration.

EnduraColor Facemix’s versatility makes it the perfect paver for patios, pool decks, driveways, walking paths and various accents. Whether you are looking to exude a sense of luxury, a rustic feel or just a show of resiliency from elements like chemical-heavy pool water, or the weather and automotive wear-and-tear inherent in driveways, Permeable Pavers guarantee that whatever aesthetic you set out to achieve stays that way.

Let Permeable Pavers Take Your Project to the Next Level

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