Permeable Pavers Parking Lot

If you have an area that is perfectly flat and doesn’t drain well, traditional paving materials may not be your best choice due to the tendency towards pooling and collecting rainwater on the surface. Fortunately, permeable pavers are an option that allows you to create a finished look and feel to your space, while still allowing water to seep back into the ground instead of creating puddles on your asphalt or compacted gravel. 

What Are Permeable Pavers?

There is a range of patio pavers that are considered permeable, which essentially means that the pavers are porous or contain space between the grids to allow water through the paving system. Components such as gravel or grass are often utilized to mimic the effect of water naturally has on the ground, allowing drainage at a defined rate that helps maintain the structure of the pavers while reducing the possibility of water gathering in a specific location. The base materials could be anything from plastic grid pavers, concrete or asphalt pavers to concrete grids.

Benefits of Permeable Pavers

Paver installation is crucial, as one of the key benefits of permeable pavers is their durability and ability for water to filter through to the ground beneath. With proper installation, permeable pavers provide an exceptional base that is both environmentally responsible and sustainable — reducing the overflow caused by flash flooding and storms that are characteristic of Middle TN. Permeable pavers that utilize grass between the patio pavers create a unique aesthetic that also reduces the reliance on hardscape materials and may even help create a cooling effect on the surrounding areas by reducing the area of heat-capturing asphalt.  Whether you’re in the market for patio paver installation support or simply need advice on landscaping in Nashville, the professionals at Smart Scapes, LLC have decades of experience with individuals and businesses in the Middle Tennessee area. Our highly qualified team of landscape and design professionals understand the Nashville climate and can recommend long-lasting solutions that will work well and exceed your expectations. Contact our team at 615-356-0139 or check out our online spring landscaping specials today!   

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