Permeable Pavers Patio

Rising in popularity as a long-lasting, sustainable alternative to classic concrete, permeable pavers visually enhance your property while mimicking the natural filtration of rainwater. The use of permeable pavers offers long-term advantages to your landscape. By allowing rainwater to filter directly into the soil below, permeable pavers enrich their surrounding environment for years to come rather than causing it harm like classic concrete or asphalt can. They actually boost local aquifers and cleanse the water that passes through them, preventing pollutants from entering the ground. Permeable pavers also reduce the pooling of stormwater and runoff issues. This increasingly attractive landscaping option is low-impact and highly efficient — there’s no reason not to use permeable pavers for your driveway or sidewalk. 

Long-Lasting Efficiency With Minimal Maintenance 

In addition to being eco-friendly, permeable pavers are a sound landscaping investment that will last you a lifetime. Their impressive longevity is changing the future of the landscaping industry. David Schmutz, a highly experienced manager of Permeable Pavers affirms that permeable pavers last “…a very long time! Because of their durable nature and the interlocking, web-like fashion in which they are installed, permeable pavers do not crack, sink, break, or suffer typical damage as regular, paved surfaces do. In fact, permeable paver driveways are rated to last several decades, and most even end up outlasting their owners.” Schmutz’s testimony makes it easy to see why permeable pavers are becoming more popular than ever in the landscaping industry.  Particularly if you live in an area that gets heavy precipitation, permeable pavers are an excellent way to manage rainfall. Did you know that a driveway made of permeable pavers can absorb up to 10 inches of rain per hour? That’s more than twice the amount of rain recorded during the heaviest downpour in the country! While all pavers require some level of maintenance, opting for permeable pavers over concrete or asphalt will ultimately extend the life of your surfaces. What is more, permeable pavers offer numerous beautiful options to enhance your home’s exterior. If you’re interested in durable landscaping that requires minimal upkeep, check out Permeable Pavers’ stylish pavers today.  

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