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Best value in virtually all commercial building scenarios.

Finding a good subcontractor for pavers should not be difficult.

Permeable paving systems offer the best value in virtually all commercial building scenarios.

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Permeable Pavers Services⠀

  •  Permeable pavers are growing in popularity, and for good reason.
  •  Contractors are being asked to implement these beautiful, durable, and water-permeable paving systems into their jobs.
  •  Finding a good sub for this sort of work can be tricky, as it is a specialist skill and ICPI/PCIP certification is required.
  •  Smart Scapes LLC has ICPI/PICP certified crews and over 25 years in the industry.
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You can always count on Permeable Pavers with our eco-friendly residential and commercial pavers.

Smart Scapes Serves Clarksville TN’s Permeable Pavers Needs

No matter where in Tennessee you end up, you can always count on Permeable Pavers with our eco-friendly residential and commercial pavers.

Permeable pavers are a unique and revolutionary paving technique. Combining a traditional block paving system with the technology of permeability makes the best driveway, walkway, parking lot, sidewalk, etc. One can use any kind of pavers for permeable paving systems, including brick pavers, cement pavers, etc.

Smart Scapes utilizes expert permeable paver designers who are so good at knowing what people want out of their project that many clients have likened them to mind-readers. The Smart Scapes team can envision exactly what clients want in their outdoor paradise and create fantastic imagery of precisely what you want for your outdoor! Contact us today at 615-356-0139.

In many ways, Tennessee feels like it is the heart of the South.

Life in Clarksville TN

Nashville gets a lot of the spotlight, and for good reason. But just an hour away is Clarksville, Tennessee with plenty of history and activities to spare. In 1784, Clarksville came to be and the following year was actually included in North Carolina. When 1796 saw Tennessee form into the 16th state of the United states of America, Clarksville in result joined the state.

Tennessee’s First Bank

Clarksville has played an important part in Tennessee history, the state’s pioneer bank, Northern Bank was formed in the city.

Eclectic Shopping

The boutique lover will rejoice in a trip to Miss Lucille’s Marketplace. The market is massive and has over 200 vendors, each unique and intriguing with antiques choices and more. Inside this shopping wonderland is Miss Lucille’s Cafe. Don’t miss out on this popular restaurant, the brisket sliders are reason alone to stop by.

Humble Universe Distributors Used Books is a reader’s paradise. The book store is full of character and even plants a tree locally for every 75 purchases. That alone is reason enough to stop by and pursue the literary shelves.

Clarksville Greenway

Clarksville is a bustling, charming town and if you enjoy the scenic outdoors, go for a walk or run on the Clarksville Greenway. You can skate, bike, hike or read and enjoy the views on one of the trail lookouts.

Fuel Up After Your Run

Famished after a run on the Greenway? Head to Yada Yada Yada Deli and order their famous eggs benedict. Don’t like eggs? Yada Yada Yada Deli also has a build-your-own breakfast sandwich and some delicious mac and cheese if you arrive in time for lunch.

Sample Louisiana’s Best

If you love New Orleans cuisine, try out Roux Americajun. The Bayou Sampler is good for the indecisive and allows an opportunity to try all sorts of yummy dishes like the classic jambalaya. Roux Americajun’s lime tortilla chips are A plus.

Genuine German Bread

Want to support locally owned businesses? Visit Silke’s Old World Breads. This European Tradition-inspired family-owned bakery has some bomb fresh bread and authentic German Coffee. Go carb out, the trip is worth it for the smell of the place alone.

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Permeable pavers are a unique paving technique.

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