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Best value in virtually all commercial building scenarios.

Finding a good subcontractor for pavers should not be difficult.

Permeable paving systems offer the best value in virtually all commercial building scenarios.

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Permeable Pavers Services⠀

  •  Permeable pavers are growing in popularity, and for good reason.
  •  Contractors are being asked to implement these beautiful, durable, and water-permeable paving systems into their jobs.
  •  Finding a good sub for this sort of work can be tricky, as it is a specialist skill and ICPI/PCIP certification is required.
  •  Smart Scapes LLC has ICPI/PICP certified crews and over 25 years in the industry.
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You can always count on Permeable Pavers with our eco-friendly residential and commercial pavers.

Smart Scapes Serves Murfreesboro TN’s Permeable Pavers Needs

No matter where in Tennessee you end up, you can always count on Permeable Pavers with our eco-friendly residential and commercial pavers.

Permeable pavers are a unique and revolutionary paving technique. Combining a traditional block paving system with the technology of permeability makes the best driveway, walkway, parking lot, sidewalk, etc. One can use any kind of pavers for permeable paving systems, including brick pavers, cement pavers, etc.

Smart Scapes utilizes expert permeable paver designers who are so good at knowing what people want out of their project that many clients have likened them to mind-readers. The Smart Scapes team can envision exactly what clients want in their outdoor paradise and create fantastic imagery of precisely what you want for your outdoor! Contact us today at 615-356-0139.

In many ways, Tennessee feels like it is the heart of the South.

Life in Murfreesboro TN

Murfreesboro is a beautiful city that just keeps growing! It is an amazing city, centrally located only 30 minutes from Nashville. Murfreesboro has great historical roots and yet a small town feel. Plus, it’s the home to Middle Tennessee State University!

Walk Through History

One of the deadliest Civil War battles took place in Murfreesboro. Stones River National Battlefield is seven miles worth of history-filled trails. There’s paved paths and trails through the surrounding woods with guided tours offered.

Oaklands Mansion

History buffs will want to stop next at Oaklands Mansion, a plantation very much located in the heart of the Civil War and on the National Register of Historic Places. There’s over two hundred years of history for visitors to self-guide through and Oaklands Mansion is a trip into the often bloody past of the South.

Performing Arts

For live theatre fans, a visit to Murfreeboro’s Center for the Arts is for sure to-do. The Center for the Arts exists to spread art awareness and improve local community life through the many musical productions and art exhibits.


The Mayday Brewery is Murfreeboro’s first brewery, but it’s youthful existence does not discount it’s popularity among locals. Open Wednesday through Sunday, the Mayday allows visitor’s furry friends to come along for the trip!

Jack Daniels

It’s almost sacrilegious to write about Tennessee and not mention Tennessee whiskey. An hour outside Murfreesboro in Lynchburg, Jack Daniels still produces their whiskey in the oldest registered distillery in the good old United States of America. There’s different types of expert-led tours and plenty of tasty whiskey tasting to go around. If you like your whiskey, a visit to Jack Daniels is a must.

Must Try Pasta

Murfreesboro may be forty minutes outside Nashville, but the cuisine is not lacking in taste. After a drink or two, go grab some outstanding Goat Cheese Bruschetta at The Alley on Main. The fresh-made pasta and seafood makes this restaurant a local staple.

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Permeable pavers are a unique paving technique.

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