New Pricing on Permeable Pavers

Paver technology continues to improve, each year bringing more to the table than it did last year. However, one factor which has prevented many property owners from taking advantage of driveway pavers has been their cost.

Now, thanks to new innovations in how Permeable Pavers Inc. tackles paver design and installation, our team is able to offer parking lot paver projects as well as driveway pavers, patio pavers, and paver walkways, all at about the same cost as traditional asphalt and concrete installs.

Here’s how we’re doing it:

1). We’re using an “overlay” technique. That allows us to install pavers over existing concrete. It greatly reduces our labor and demolition costs.

2). Secondly, we use a precision mechanical install machine. That allows us to pick up 4×4 sections of pavers and lay them in place with literal machine-like precision. Such an approach saves on installation time. No more laying pavers one-by-one, by hand!

Permeable Pavers Inc. is taking cost-effective paving to a new level. We offer beautiful, custom-designed driveway pavers, parking lot pavers, and patio pavers, all at affordable price points. This opens up a new realm of hardscape design to homeowners and business owners.

Are you searching Google for, “Pavers near me” or, “Paving contractor near me” or, “Best driveway pavers”? Let Permeable Pavers Inc. help you get the paver parking lot or driveway of your dreams, all at affordable pricing. Call our office today at (615) 266-6360.

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