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Belgard, as a company, has been in business since 1955. Belgard makes innovative and intuitive paving solutions that lead the industry in hardscape design, all with the intention of helping customers make great memories outdoors. Belgard staff spend more than twenty-thousand hours a year in research and development alone, all to hold the position of leadership in the growing technology of hardscapes.

Belgard has some of the best, most efficient, and most aesthetic permeable pavers to offer. Belgard Hardscapes creates permeable interlocking concrete pavers that can mimic the natural way that land absorbs water, creating maximum transference of stormwater through the paving system, through the ground, and into underground aquifers as nature intended. Belgard paving products are widely considered the most innovative and “high tech” in the industry.

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Eco-CityLock® Permeable Pavers 

As a hardscape contractor, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to attend an informative and interactive training event coming to your area. Keystone Hardscapes, will be presenting a paver & wall training course that will allow you to become a Keystone Authorized Contractor. This comprehensive course will cover all aspects of installation best practices. We will dive in-depth regarding job estimating, job planning, engineering, installation, and more. Hands-On Demo Portion each day. 


Our goal is to connect interested homeowners to Keystone Authorized Contractors in their area. Keystone Authorized Contractors will be promoted on our website, catalogs, and in regional digital marketing.


Techo-Bloc’s permeable pavers combine style and functionality, making them a favorite among architects and designers. Techo-Bloc focuses on creating paver designs that harmonize with outdoor spaces, ensuring that their installations are not just functional but also add beauty to the environment. 

We are proud to partner with these industry-leading vendors to provide you with the highest quality permeable paver solutions for your commercial projects. Contact us today to learn more about how permeable pavers can elevate the sustainability, aesthetics, and performance of your outdoor spaces. 


Set the bar in the 1970s for large-scale commercial project pavers

Founded over forty years ago, Unilock was based on the concept that advanced, sensible paving systems already being used in Europe could flourish here in the States. Unilock set the bar in the 1970s for the quality of pavers used on large-scale commercial properties. Unilock provides high-quality pavers to this day to homeowners, contractors, landscape designers, and architects alike.

Unilock prides itself in having something for everyone, from the smallest, commercial project to tens of thousands of square feet in commercial projects, Unilock has a product (and a price point) to fit all needs. Unilock offers a Standard Thrumix, an Enduracolor Facemix, and an Enduracolor Enhanced Facemix to present a wide range of styles in paving products. The “Facemix and Thrumix” line that is patented by Unilock is a special type of paver that has dyed aggregates mixed into the paving compound when the pavers are made. In this way, the special additives help the pavers to retain their original color and luster for decades as opposed to fading with wear like most pavers do. Unilock makes their paving products with bases of coarser aggregates for a strong foundation, mixed in with concentrated color and wear-resistant, finer aggregates towards the top of the paver. Unilock paving products are often considered the most timeless of paving materials.

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We can help with economical solutions for parking lots, commercial building entrances, pathways, and common areas.

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