Reasons to Go Permeable

Why use permeable pavers? What are the benefits of permeable pavers? Why go online and search for “permeable paver contractor near me”? We hear questions like these all the time, so we thought we’d do a quick post on the three reasons why we feel that permeable pavers are the best choice for Middle Tennessee paving projects.

Permeable pavers reduce flooding, erosion, stormwater maintenance, and water damage. Because permeable pavement allows water to pass through the pavers and into the ground beneath, the pavers themselves act as a sieve, directing water back into the ground where it belongs.

Permeable pavers are good for the environment. Rather than preventing water from getting back into the ground (like concrete or asphalt) permeable pavers function as though there was nothing at all between the rain and the earth. 100% eco-friendly!

Permeable pavers look fantastic and are customizable! You can choose from Belgard Aquabric, Unilock, PaveDrain, Pavestone, Red River Pavers, and Aqualine. So many styles to choose from!

Ready to hire the best paving company? Want to get some help with paver installation on your property? Our hardscape design and hardscaping installation crews are ready to assist you in these endeavors. In the job pictured here, we saved this house from constant foundation flooding and water-pooling by installing permeable pavers around the home. And we can do something similar on your property! Call our office today at (615) 266-6360.

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