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Red River Permeable Pavers

If you are looking to complete your landscape project and make it look elegant, then you have got to choose Red River Hardscapes. This is the only locally-owned, full-line hardscape manufacturing company with bases in Western Tennessee and Kentucky.

Red River Hardscapes uses recycled materials to produce beautiful permeable pavers that are recognized by the US Green Building Council. These permeable pavers maintenance are virtually non-existent and they are durable. They have the strength of poured concrete and they all meed or exceed ASTM Specification.

We service Memphis TN, Jackson, Oxford MS, Murray, Bowling Green KY, Little Rock. Hot Springs, Springdale AR and neighboring cities.

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However, as you install your permeable pavers, bear in mind that the overall design lies in the base, whether these are ornate, random or formal. The steps below will guide you to a new experience in outdoor living.


Red River pavers come from recycles materials and they are a product of Red River Hardscapes. They are durable and virtually maintenance free. The strength of these pavers can be compared with poured concrete and the are perfect for creating attractive designs. They can be used for driveways, courtyard, pool deck, patios, paths and a variety of other applications.

There are different types of permeable pavers and we will observe the most common ones:

Red River Aquapave Permeable Pavers


This provides permeable pavers walkways and pedestrian-friendly pavement for homes. The Aquapave pavers are the best for the environment. Besides, it is good for reducing dorm-water runoff, filtering pollutants and recharging natural groundwater.

Red River Brick Stone Permeable Pavers


This is another type of permeable paver, and comes with unlimited possibilities. The brick stone paver is a timeless design that has the most versatility of any paver. Many homeowners love it because it can be used to create a variety of patterns and borders wherever it is applied.

Red River Circle Permeable Pavers


This type can be effortlessly integrated into various permeable paver designs. The results are usually amazing, giving your landscape an elegant look.

Red River Cobblestone Permeable Pavers


If you are a homeowner, you sure will love the flexibility of the cobble stone pavers. With the flexible 2 stone design, these pavers give a timeless design that has the most versatility of any paver.

Belgard Old World


Princeton pavers are a three-stone paver system that features textured surfaces and tumbled edges. Princeton pavers provide a weathered appearance after installation.

Belgard Urbana


With a River Stone paver, you will get the look of hand-laid stone that provides convenience and durability that belong to concrete pavers. This type of permeable paver can be used to replace porous pavers. River Stone pavers can be useful in reducing the impact of run-off on the environment.

Red River Roman Road Permeable Pavers


If you want to get the Roman road design, then go for this permeable paver. It is a four-stone system with vintage texture and tone. Upon installation, you will get the look of antiquated charm to your landscape design.

Red River Tumbled Stone Permeable Pavers


Whenever you are looking to replace your landscape, the tumble cobble stone pavers are perfect for this. These are a versatile two-stone design, that will give you a smooth surface and tumbled edges.