Many Nashville landscape contractors will try to sell you on the idea of planting grass seed and maintaining a sod-based outdoor space. True, grass does grow well in Nashville.

But rather than thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side when you look at your neighbor’s perfect lawn, what if your lawn was the one everyone else on the block saw as the greenest, best-looking grass?

That can be achieved with artificial turf!

Ten Reasons Why You’ll Wish You’d Gone with Synthetic Turf in Nashville Sooner

Artificial turf in Nashville is taking the city by storm, changing the way Nashville landscaping is done for those savvy enough to recognize the benefits of a fully synthetic turf lawn. Following are ten benefits of an artificial turf lawn, great reasons why you’ll wish you switched to synthetic sooner.

  • Lawn Health, it’s a No-Brainer. A significant pain point in owning a natural grass lawn is the constant maintenance and attention that such lawns require. Grass is susceptible to diseases, just like any plant. Making a grass lawn look good (and making sure it continues to look good) can require endless effort in the form of mowing, watering, fertilizing, applying grass remedies to address lawn death, protecting it from the elements, etc. Artificial grass is not susceptible to any of these challenges.
  • No More Weeds and Pests! Natural grass provides the soil base that weeds need to grow. But on the other hand, artificial grass does not offer this soil base, hence no weeds! Furthermore, natural grass attracts insects, grubs, worms, and other living organisms. Those critters then attract larger pests, like raccoons, snakes, moles, voles, ground squirrels, gophers, etc. An artificial lawn does not draw any pests because synthetic turf does not create an environment for pests or insects to live in.
  • Mud? Puddles? Dirty Paw Prints in the House? Goodbye! When a lawn is watered excessively or rained on, it’s almost inevitable that parts of the yard will form puddles or mud. In addition to that much excess water being unhealthy for a lawn, dogs and children can track that mud into the house, making a huge mess. On the other hand, artificial turf transfers rainwater through the lawn’s fibers and under-layers and into the soil beneath. Synthetic turf is designed to be permeable to prevent water from resting on top of it. That solves the mud and puddles problem.
  • No More Fertilizer Expenses. Artificial turf is an evergreen landscaping cover. Lush, brilliant green, always dazzling 365 days per year with no fertilizer expenses. Never spend another dime on expensive fertilizers again, and never have to worry about reminding yourself to spread fertilizer on your lawn.
  • No More Harmful Pesticides. Children and pets spend a good deal of time on the lawn, and pesticides have been proven to have negative health effects on humans and animals. Save money and create a healthier outdoor space by switching to an eco-friendly artificial grass backyard, as this type of lawn will not require any pesticides.
  • No More Excessive Water Usage. Water is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. But to make a natural grass lawn look good, it must be watered. When you switch to synthetic grass, you save money on your water bill and do your part to preserve the environment by conserving water. Synthetic turf requires zero water and will continue to look great no matter the season.
  • Free Your Weekends Up for Fun, not Lawn Care. While some people like performing lawn maintenance, most of us would rather spend our time enjoying the lawn, not working on it. With artificial turf, you do not have to mow, trim, hedge, weed, fertilize, water, or rake.
  • A Guarantee Behind a Long Life Expectancy. High quality synthetic turf lawns last about 15-25 years before they require replacement, and you can even purchase eco-friendly, recyclable synthetic turfs.
  • Do Your Part to Cut Down on Air Pollution. Lawnmowers, edgers, blowers, and weed eaters are usually gas powered, meaning they create CO2 emissions. When you switch to synthetic turf, you’re doing your part to cut down on harmful emissions.
  • Conserve Ground Water. Groundwater is immensely valuable and should be conserved for drinking, bathing, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc. With most underground aquifers being used up faster than they can be replenished, making the shift to artificial turf will put us one step closer to good water conservation practice.

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