Permeable Pavers

With the warmer weather coming our way, it’s no surprise that many of us are looking for new options for our landscaping. With the abundance of rain that falls in the Middle Tennessee area, there are plenty of reasons to ensure that you have ways to improve the drainage on your property. One of the most popular options is permeable pavers, a system that mimics many of the best properties of hardscaping materials while still allowing moisture to soak naturally into the ground. Here are a few of the reasons permeable pavers are a great bet for beautiful landscaping. 

Permeable Pavers Help Prevent Water Runoff

People have been setting stones into a sand base for thousands of years to build roads and create fascinating landscape designs. Permeable pavers really shine by preventing water runoff and creating a more sustainable option for your landscaping. 

It’s Easy to Install Permeable Pavers

Mixing concrete and having it poured can be expensive and time-consuming. With permeable paver options, you can have a solid and secure structure for walking or driving without the hassle and costs associated with pouring concrete or other solid alternatives. These pavers are lightweight and can easily be installed by an individual or a few helpers. Plus, they are small enough to fit around most objects and can be easily broken or scored to resize as needed. 

Permeable Pavers are a Great Temporary Parking Solution

Not sure you want to create a long-term parking area? Considering using permeable pavers without the fill materials to keep vehicles from sinking into — and tearing up! — your lawn. These grids are an exceptional way to create short-term parking without the big problems that can occur from offering parking in a grassy area after a rainstorm.  Ready to learn more about how permeable pavers may be the perfect solution for your landscaping needs? Contact the professionals at Smart Scapes, LLC at 615-356-0139 to schedule a complimentary consultation. We provide landscape design, maintenance and hardscape planning for individuals and businesses throughout the Middle Tennessee area.

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