There are more options than just concrete or asphalt for paving parking lots, driveways, hardscapes at home or the office. Permeable pavers are a modern solution that provides an environmentally sound and attractive option for any paving needs.

What Are Permeable Pavers?

As the name suggests, permeable pavers provide the hardscape needed for your project and allow water to be absorbed through the paving rather than adding to the runoff created by non-permeable paving. Permeable pavers are designed to absorb water, filter it through a base layer and gradually leach it into the ground below the paved area.

What Are Permeable Pavers Made Of?

These pavers can be made from several substances, including plastic, mulches, clay brick, porous concrete and interlocking concrete pavers. The paving is the top layer. Below are other essential parts of the system. The next layer is made of small stones that allow the water to pass through the cracks or porous elements of the top layer. Then come larger stones that absorb the water and gradually leach the water into the ground directly below the paving. Water drains rapidly from the surface eliminating the issues of ponding and slippery surfaces. Excessive runoff into drainage systems and areas around buildings is also eliminated.

How Do Permeable Pavers Compare to Porous Asphalt?

Porous asphalt performs the same function as permeable pavers, allowing water to pass through the asphalt into the ground below. Porous asphalt is simply a slight modification of traditional asphalt. The key difference is that small aggregate materials that would normally be included in traditional asphalt are left out of porous asphalt. This leaves larger aggregate mixtures in the asphalt which allows for open voids and pockets that create true porosity. However, there are two issues that porous asphalt has compared to permeable pavers.  Firstly, it clogs easily, requiring more frequent maintenance and, secondly, cleaning it is more complex and expensive since it requires special industrial-grade cleaning equipment.     

Try Permeable Pavers for Yourself!

Permeable pavers provide an attractive, environmentally-friendly and easily maintained hardscape for cities, businesses and homeowners. Permeable Pavers is your partner in creating these beautiful and effective paving solutions with years of experience in installation, product selection and design. Check out the options for yourself and experience our world-class customer service when you call us at 615-266-6360 for more information.