Permeable Pavers Parking Lot

Permeable pavers are a sustainable substitute for asphalt that will satisfy all of your landscaping needs. You might be surprised at the various places they can be installed around your home. Driveways, parking areas, driveable green areas, poolside and patios are just a few of the locations where permeable pavers can be utilized. They can give you a stylish, no-mow yard or the foundation for your firepit. In some communities where a second parking space is not allotted, you can create one on permeable pavers, as they’re considered landscape materials. Anywhere you would put asphalt, consider the following numerous benefits of installing permeable pavers around your residence. 

What Purpose Do They Serve? 

There are multiple advantages to using permeable pavers. They provide efficient stormwater management by limiting runoff and filtering pollutants, all while keeping water on site. Essentially, these porous surfaces mimic the soil’s natural filtration system by allowing water to drain through the paver and into the ground underneath. Environmentalists also encourage the use of permeable pavers to avoid runoff seeping into sewer systems. Traditional concrete cuts off access to soil and creates pools of runoff, which can contain potentially harmful contaminated water. Permeable pavers avoid this accumulation while maintaining a fresh appearance. When Doug Turney, project manager and green infrastructure practice leader for EMH&T, a Columbus, OH-based firm of engineers and scientists, was tasked with replacing a worn-out asphalt street in Albany, Ohio, he confirmed that “permeable pavers offered a more traditional—and more attractive—appearance [than concrete].” 

The Best Value for Your Home 

On top of being more environmentally conscious, upgrading to permeable pavers can actually save you money. Some municipalities offer credits to homeowners who invest in permeable pavers, which is a smart investment because they require less upkeep than asphalt. Don’t worry about sacrificing quality when you make the switch — permeable pavers are just as strong as traditional paving materials. Don’t wait to get on board with efficient, environmentally friendly permeable pavers. They are only going to get more popular, as the permeable paver market is projected to maintain a 5% growth every year until 2026. If you are ready to take your landscaping to the next level, contact our friendly team at SmartScapes LLC. We would be happy to discuss your needs and recommend the best permeable pavers as well as paver cleaning/sealing for your home.  

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