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There’s a new trend in town. As homeowners and corporate neighbors pay attention to words and phrases such as “sustainability” and “environmentally responsible” in their landscaping designs, the conversation turns to permeable pavers. The technology of permeable pavers is not new. In fact, they were first used in the United States in the 1960s when the government used them to handle rising water tables in a number of states. But their use and popularity as an outdoor design element is relatively new. And there are good reasons why.

Environmentally Sound

Permeable pavers are an environmentally and sustainable choice, as well as a responsible solution to help with stormwater quality that is overloading our sewer systems. A water harvesting system can be designed to collect and recycle rainwater for irrigation and other purposes. All of this is created by laying the pavers on multiple layers of crushed stone, with the joints between each paver filled with smaller aggregate. The design allows water to drain through layers of aggregate where pollutants are trapped before returning to the ground and local waterways.

Minimal Maintenance

From time to time, permeable pavers will need maintenance, but it is typically a simple and inexpensive process. Over time, the water filtration system will get clogged at the top level of the joint filler. The quick repair is to vacuum the top and refill the joints. This small maintenance task ensures that your pavers continue to offer environmental benefits. Porous asphalt and pervious concrete don’t have these regenerative capabilities. So, while asphalt and concrete may cost less on the front end, the long-term expenses can be more.

Tax Incentives

Many states and municipalities with water conservation and stormwater management initiatives offer tax incentives to residents and businesses who install permeable pavers. Nashville’s Metro Water Services offers a credit to your bill for these systems. Ready to learn more about how permeable pavers can be part of your landscape design? Contact the professionals at Smart Scapes, LLC, at 615-356-0139 to schedule a complimentary consultation. We provide landscape design, maintenance and hardscape planning for individuals and businesses throughout the Middle Tennessee area.  

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